Who is this Dreamer?                My name is Kristen and I am a stay at home mother to my daughter G and O and son D and my husband Mr. B.  We live in Cecil County, MD near the borders of Pennsylvania and Delaware.  This is our second go around at living off of one income.  When Lady G was born, I was lucky and able to stay home with her for a couple of years before returning back to the school system and back to the classroom.  Now that we have 2 more bundles of joy, the challenge of making it work is bigger than ever.  We can make it work.  

Lady G loves taking pics of our trips.
Since I can remember, I have been so interested in saving money and helping others save money.  The youngest memory I can recall is when I was much younger (elementary age) my mom, whom was not so into coupons and is oh so brand picky, would pay me the amount of a coupon instead of saving the money for herself.  I would follow her around the grocery store and watch what she put in her grocery cart and then if I had a coupon for that item, I would give it to her.  Once we got home, it was payday for me.  It was great. 

My parents have always taught me the value of a dollar and if you want something you have to work for it.  I have had a savings account from a very early age, and always loved going to put money in my account and watching it grow.  That's not such a common occurrence these days with interest rates the way they are.  Now, I love to save money in an even bigger way.  I still put money in that savings account, but I love to save money at the grocery store, the drug store, the movie theatre and anywhere else.  There is money to be saved out there people!!!!

My mini-me!!!

I've been taking advice from other novel savonistas out there and now I want to return the favor to the people around me: My friends, family and anyone else who wants to listen. 

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