Friday, January 20, 2012

My Last Minute Trip....

Today I had a mission...
Pick up a few deals that end this week and before the snow comes (if it comes at all, you never know)... So, I ran to Oxford, PA and went to CVS, ACME, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Martins.  I know, a lot of stops but short lists and they are all right around the same area so decent on gas as well.  I spent $24.35 out of pocket for $81.91 worth of merchandise.  I also got back $5.00 ECB's from CVS and $6.00 Register Rewards from Walgreens to use for next week.  So really, if you count that, I only spent $13.35.  Either way you look at it, good deals and all stuff I will use.
At CVS, I picked up the Diapers I needed, got a great deal stacking coupons, I paid $9.99 for a big pack of diapers.  I also picked up the greeting cards (free after ECB's), Kettle Chips (I had a free coupon), Ivory Soap and the Carmex Lip Gloss.

At ACME, I had a $2.00 off produce coupon that expired today, so they are running the awesome buck a bag sale, so I picked up 2 bags of produce - FREE.  Plus I was looking for Produce, Win-Win for me.

At Rite Aid, John Frida Hair Color (free coupon) Up2U gum, and some V-day Candy for the hubby.  Also, they had stuffing on clearance for $.57, can't beat it, unless I had a coupon too, which I didn't. 

At Walgreens, I picked up the South Beach Diet Bars (Free after register rewards) and 3 Carmex Hand Lotions. 

At Martins, I went back for the buy 3, get 1 free deal.  I also went to pick up some more Pup-Peronis, but somebody beat me to it.  Shelves were clear.  No worries though, I picked up a rain check and will get them next week.  Hopefully the Catalina will still be going on next week.  I hope I helped someone get some great treats for their dog.

You might be wondering how my $30 Challenge is going for the week, ughh, not great.  I could blame it all on my wonderful husband, but I won't.  We don't see eye-to-eye on the value of SAVING money.  He is good for the economy and I am not.

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