Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Buy milk at Walgreens this week!

$2.79 a Gallon
If you need milk this week, AND YOU KNOW YOU DO, Walgreens is the place to buy it.  This week, through Saturday, you can get a gallon of Milk (any %) for only $2.79.  No coupons needed, but you will need your Walgreens Rewards Card (it's free if you don't have one).    Sorry for the sideways picture (anyone know how to rotate that?), but you get the idea.  Get one today and then get one on Saturday for next week.  Walgreens runs this sale at least once a month and it really is a great price.  Milk can be an expensive part of your grocery budget.

My little shopping trip to Walgreens.  Only $2.68 out of my pocket.
I did use coupons though.

Tuesday Night ShopRite Shopping

$8.79 at ShopRite
Most of you know that I am loving my ShopRite trips.... they double $1.00 coupons people, who wouldn't love that?  Here is my small trip from tonight.  I spent $8.79 out of pocket including lots of coupons and a $5.00 off coupon that I earned last week.  So many great deals.  Freebies include Minute Rice, Stayfree, Suave, Kleenex, Balance Bars and Soft Scrub.

I really love the employees that work at the Aberdeen ShopRite around closing.  They are always so friendly and helpful and answer any of my coupons.  I like to clarify a lot when working my deals. I inquired about the continuance of the dollar double promotion and customer service seemed to believe that it would be extended again.  I sure hope so, I've been able to save and get so much from this promo.

It's down to the end of the month and my grocery budget is almost kaput.  I'm trying to get as much as I can out of every penny.  I'll share my new budget and plan soon.  Happy Shopping and Happy Saving.

P.S. - Did you go and get your cheap tuna yet?  Here is the deal again.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Great priced tuna and frozen fruit at Martins/Giant

This shopping trip to Martins cost only $10.92 and I only used one coupon (because it spit out of the Catalina machine as I was checking out).

Here's the deal:

Tuna Fish is part of the buy 7 save $4.00 promo.  They are priced at $.88 each.
Buy 7 - $6.16
Take $4.00 off instantly
Pay only $2.16 for 7 cans of Tuna or $.30 each.

The Frozen Fruit is part of the frozen food deal where you buy $20.00 and get $10.00 off instantly.  They are priced at 3/$10.00.
Buy 6 - $20.00
Take $10.00 off instantly
Plus a $1.25 coupon spit out of the machine so I used it.
Pay only $8.75 for 6 bags of frozen fruit.

Both of these deals have many other items that you can mix and match items with, so if you didn't need 7 cans of tuna or 6 bags of fruit, you could sub out other items.

Happy Shopping.

P.S. If you are reading this and aren't in Cecil County, please know that some Martins/Giants don't do instant savings deals, instead they do gas deals.  So the deal is a little different.  Make sure to check your sales flyer.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cheap chicken at ACME

Through Monday,  the 24th, you can get boneless, skinless chicken breast for only $1.69/lb.  This is definitely a stock up price.  You may need to browse through the packages for a little.   I find that they tend to leave a little more skin and fat on than normal and who wants to pay for that?

Pick up some asparagus while you're there.  Only $.99/lb.

Dinner is served.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Kind of bragging...

G and I ran to Shop Rite, CVS, and Rite aid tonight to go coupon shopping.  We killed it.  Spent $10.13 @ Shop Rite, $7.00 @ CVS and $1.34 @ Rite Aid.  Lots of coupons were used.  We ♥ coupons.

G got to pick out 6 bottles of nail polish tonight.  Super exciting for her and even better for me - FREE.

Not pictured are 4 12-packs of diet coke and our free M & M's from CVS.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Easy Peasy Powerade Deal at Food Lion

Ok, I know, I've been gone quite a long time, I've been busy, but I've been deal shopping the whole time.

Today I realized that I missed blogging and wanted to get back into it. So I'll start off rough and slow but can't wait to share all the deals with you.

 Here's the deal: 

 At Food Lion, they are running a promotion of buy 15 select products, get $10.00 off. So you think, what could I possibly need 15 of???? POWERADE (you can mix and match throughout the store, but I'm setting you up here with an easy deal) Powerade is on sale for $.89, buy 15 for a total of $13.35. Use your MVP card (store card) and save $10.00 instantly - NO COUPONS NEEDED. So your total will be $3.35 for 15 bottles of Powerade. Start stocking up for Little League or your husbands lunch, or whatever you use Powerade for. That's $.22 a piece.

What? You don't need 15 Powerades? How about 10? Cause you can do the same deal and only buy 10, but you only save $5.00 with 10. Works out to be $.39 a piece, not as good a deal, but still way better than full price.

I know your tired of being cooped up from the snow, so run to Food Lion before it starts again.

Happy Valentines Day. (Buy a Red one and give it as a gift)  Leave me some love in the comments.


I forgot to add, this deal started 2/12 and runs through 2/18/14.