Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Buy milk at Walgreens this week!

$2.79 a Gallon
If you need milk this week, AND YOU KNOW YOU DO, Walgreens is the place to buy it.  This week, through Saturday, you can get a gallon of Milk (any %) for only $2.79.  No coupons needed, but you will need your Walgreens Rewards Card (it's free if you don't have one).    Sorry for the sideways picture (anyone know how to rotate that?), but you get the idea.  Get one today and then get one on Saturday for next week.  Walgreens runs this sale at least once a month and it really is a great price.  Milk can be an expensive part of your grocery budget.

My little shopping trip to Walgreens.  Only $2.68 out of my pocket.
I did use coupons though.

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