Friday, February 14, 2014

Easy Peasy Powerade Deal at Food Lion

Ok, I know, I've been gone quite a long time, I've been busy, but I've been deal shopping the whole time.

Today I realized that I missed blogging and wanted to get back into it. So I'll start off rough and slow but can't wait to share all the deals with you.

 Here's the deal: 

 At Food Lion, they are running a promotion of buy 15 select products, get $10.00 off. So you think, what could I possibly need 15 of???? POWERADE (you can mix and match throughout the store, but I'm setting you up here with an easy deal) Powerade is on sale for $.89, buy 15 for a total of $13.35. Use your MVP card (store card) and save $10.00 instantly - NO COUPONS NEEDED. So your total will be $3.35 for 15 bottles of Powerade. Start stocking up for Little League or your husbands lunch, or whatever you use Powerade for. That's $.22 a piece.

What? You don't need 15 Powerades? How about 10? Cause you can do the same deal and only buy 10, but you only save $5.00 with 10. Works out to be $.39 a piece, not as good a deal, but still way better than full price.

I know your tired of being cooped up from the snow, so run to Food Lion before it starts again.

Happy Valentines Day. (Buy a Red one and give it as a gift)  Leave me some love in the comments.


I forgot to add, this deal started 2/12 and runs through 2/18/14.

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