Saturday, January 7, 2012

What are we buying this week? 1/7 edition - UPDATE

UPDATE:  Check out the info below for the best deals!

Just a heads up, this week I am looking for the best deals on
Diet Coke and Diapers....
What a great combination.  I'm running low of my favorite beverage and haven't gotten my free coke coupons yet, so I have to shop around.  I also need a pack or two of diapers if I can find some decent deals this week.  Lady G is pretty much potty trained so I haven't bothered with buying any, but we are down to our last pack and I don't want to run out and PAY FULL PRICE!!!!

Diet Coke:
At ShopRite this week, all Coke 12 packs are on sale for 5/$10 - that's $2.00 a piece people.... That's an amazing price that you won't find very often.  There is a catch, you have to spend $10 to get the sale price and you must buy 5.  No biggy, pick up some milk and a few other items with the great sales this week and bam - WIN WIN!!!!
Check out Cindy's deals here on Living Rich with Coupons for this weeks ShopRite match ups.  Also, MD and DE ShopRite's don't fully double coupons.  They will double up to $1.00.  So if your coupon is for $.75, it will not double to $1.50, it will double to $1.00.  Stinks, I know.  Make sure to double check the final prices, because Cindy lives in NJ and they fully double there.

Bad News... IMO there aren't any great deals on diapers this week.  I did read on a blogs comments section that ACME has the Huggies Blue Jean Diapers marked down to $4.99.  I might see if I can find those.  Other than that, I'm gonna hope for better sales for next week.  Otherwise... I don't even wanna say it.

Check out the Krazy Coupon Ladies Post about where the best prices for diapers are this week here.

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