Monday, January 2, 2012

$30 Challenge, Week 2

I've been trying the $30 Challenge for about a month now, but last week was my first 'official' week.  At least, my first documented week.  Here is how I did:

Week of December 26th -
  • McDonalds - $5.29
  • Shipping at the Post Office (unexpected but I'm gonna make it work in my budget) - $10.50
  • Kmart - $6.45
  • Martins $4.34
  • CVS $3.65
  • Kohl's - $.21
Total $30.44

I did fairly well, at least I think.  My biggest expense was postage and was totally unexpected but I made it work and didn't really have a lot of other items that I either needed or wanted to buy!!! Win-Win for me.

So here begins Week 2 -

Here are a few pointers to try and stick to your budget. 
  • Take $30 cash out of the ATM.  I've tried to do it with my Debit Card, but it seems easier to lose track of spending when you can't actually see it in your wallet.  When the cash is in your hand, you are less likely to splurge and more likely to think about what it is you are buying.  Plus it helps you plan out your week, if you know you have an expense coming up later in week, you can see what you have left to work with and plan accordingly.
  • Take advantage of any left over gift cards.  I had a few random gift cards in my wallet (why I only paid $.21 at Kohl's during Week 1) and that helped me purchase something that I needed (possibly wanted) and kept me around my budget.  If you need milk, and have a couple dollars on a Walmart/Target/Grocery Store/Drug Store, use those couple of dollars to cut down the final out of pocket cost.  Remember though, if you aren't anywhere near the store and have to drive 30 miles, the cost of gas isn't going to outweigh the cost of you going to nearest store and picking up milk... Did that make sense?

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