Monday, January 16, 2012

$30 Challenge- Week 4

Welcome to the 4th week of the $30 Challenge .  If you are just tuning in, check out my previous posts or the $30 Challenge Page.

My awesome Shop Rite trip!!!

I really didn't do super great, but I also didn't do terrible... Here is how my week breaks down:
  • CVS - $16.24
  • CVS - $1.79
  • Post Office- $2.41
  • Martins -$5.38
  • Shop Rite - $0 out of pocket, I had a giftcard
  • Staples - $40.xx - So I know, but I'm going to get the entire amount back in rebate... I got some amazing organizing items to go with my new Organization Kick that I told you about and they were all FREE (after rebate of course)

Amazing Cereal Deal at Martins.

Total:  $66.79

So I've decided that a $30 challenge is much like a diet.  You have to have will power.  I think, that the deals this week won't be as enticing and hopefully the stars will align and I can maintain some sort of budget this week so that I can make you all proud.

Tips for Week 4:

I'm not sure I should be giving tips this week... Maybe I need someone to give me some tips.

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