Sunday, October 30, 2011

Free Parfait Chocolate from Godiva - November 1st

I hope since you've been reading my Thursday's at the Mall Posts, you've become a Godiva Rewards Member...  If so, Tuesday, November 1st, you can stop by any Godiva Store and pick up one of 6 different Chocolate Parfaits for free - YUMMY.
ONE DAY ONLY - November 1st. Introducing Parfait Chocolates - layers of chocolate perfection in 6 flavors. Be one of the first to taste our NEW Parfait Chocolates FREE* as your monthly reward benefit. This special option is redeemable on November 1st only! Hurry - supplies limited! Locate Boutique>
Click here for Godiva locations.
As if you didn't want any more
candy, sweets or chocolate after
Trick or Treating tomorrow night!!!

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