Saturday, October 8, 2011

What are we buying this week? 10/9 edition

Just a heads up, this week I am looking for big bargains on
Many of you are aware of my slight addiction to Diet Coke and we can never have enough of it in the house.  So, I’m gonna see what I can find this week.  
I can remember the days of 5/$10 on 12-packs.... where or where has the time gone.  
Can’t find it that good anymore.  Keep watching to see where the best deals are this week.

Here’s what I was able to find.  Don’t forget there were Pepsi Brand coupons in last weekends inserts.  Also, concentrate on Unit Price.  It is easiest to measure in can packs and 2 liters because the volume is always the same.  Bottles vary greatly now a days from drink to drink.  I will put the unit price in (parenthesis).

Coca-Cola 2 Liters on sale 2/$3.00 ($1.50 each)Canada Dry Ginger Ale 12 packs 4/$10 with a free Sun Drop 2 Liter ($2.50 each/.20 can)Pepsi 12 packs 3/$12 and you get a free bag of Doritos ($4.00 pack/.33 can plus free Doritos)

Pepsi Brand 12 packs/ 6 packs are on sale for 3/$12 ($4.00/.33 can per 12 pack)
Pepsi Brand 2 liters are on sale 2/$3 ($1.50 each)
Coke Brand 2 liters are on sale 3/$4 ($1.33 each)
Coke Brand 20 packs on sale $5.99 ($.29 can)

Coke 12 packs are on sale for 3/$11 and you can get a free 12pk of Coke Zero when you buy 3 ($2.75 pack/.22 can - if you get all 4 packs)

Pepsi Brand 12 packs are on sale 3/$12 ($4.00 pack/.33 can)
Coke 2 liters are 4/$5 ($1.25 each)
Coke Brand 6 pack/bottles  are on sale 3/$9
Pepsi Brand 6 pack/bottles are on sale 3/$11

Pepsi Brand 2 liters are on sale for $.99 limit 4
Pepsi Brand 24 packs are on sale for $6.49 ($.29/can)

Pepsi Brand 12 packs on sale 4/$13 ($3.25 pack/.27 can)
Coke 2 liters on sale for 2/$3 ($1.50 each)
Coke 6 pack/bottles on sale for $3.99
Pepsi 6 pack/bottles on sale for 3/$10
Pepsi 8 pack/bottles on sale for 3/$12

Pepsi 12 packs on sale 3/$10 ($3.33 pack/$.27 can)

Rite Aid
Coke 12 packs on sale for 4/$13 with $2 in UP rewards, so 4/$11 ($2.75 pack/.22 can - if you consider in Up rewards)
Coke 2 liters on sale for 4/$5 (1.25 each)

7up, Canada Dry, A & W or Sunkist 12 packs on sale 3/$11 ($3.66 each/.30 can)
Pepsi 2 Liters $.99 limit 5

Final Decision:
  1. Because I am a Coke fan, and they just so happen to be the least expensive of all canned soda this week - Target and Rite Aid both have the for $.22/can.  At Target I can get 3 Diet Cokes and I get 1 free Coke Zero (husband will drink it).  At Rite Aid, I have to front the $13 dollars and get $2 dollars in rewards back, but I’m also able to get 4 packs of Diet Coke.  
  2. Pick up a few of the $.99 2 litter Pepsi’s at CVS or price match at Wal-Mart if you don’t feel like making it out to CVS.  It can never hurt to have a few 2 liters laying around, you never know when you’ll need them.
  3. Always pay attention to Unit Price (the cost per item).  Soda prices vary so much and so does there packaging.
What are you buying this week?

Need help looking for the best priced item?  Let me know and I'll help you do all the research.

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