Saturday, October 22, 2011

What are we buying this week? 10/22 edition

This week I am going to compare the prices of
around the county.  I'll do my best to get around to all of the stores.
If you recently bought Milk, leave a comment with the store, price and type of milk (1%, etc.)

I'll list them as I get to them:

CVS (In Nottingham, PA)
Fat Free - $3.58
1% - $3.72
2% - $3.87
Whole - $4.08

Walmart (In North East)
All Milk is $3.34 -
 That's gonna be hard to beat especially when you are buying Whole Milk for growing babies.
Thanks Reporter Allison!!!

Martins (In Rising Sun)
Fat Free - $3.49
1% - 3.59
2% - $3.69
Whole -$3.79

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