Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A great day at Milburn's Orchards

It is beautiful outside and my friend Allison and I decided to take the girls to Milburn's to spend a few hours.  We had a great time and best of all, we only spent money on the things that we decided to buy at the store.

During the week, it is free admission into Milburn's.  You just can't do a lot of the extra activities that they offer on the weekend at $8.00 per person like the hay ride, face painting, games, etc.  But that was fine for us because the girls aren't old enough yet to do those things and we spent our money at the store instead and brought home some goodies.  We packed our lunch and played outside. The girls had a blast and it was nice to be outside.

Check out Milburns website for lots of activities.

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