Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ANOTHER Fun Day at Milburn's

So, if you haven't gone to Milburn's yet this season, do it already. 
I went again on Tuesday and had a wonderful time. 

Little G got to hang with her Buddy Little L (I got to hang out with my friend Meredith (I mentioned your name this time) and see all of the animals, play on the playground and eat a picnic lunch. 

And since she was a good little girl - she got a cider donut and Mommy got some lettuce (I know, not fair).  Mommy has had her fair share of donuts in her life, sorry Milburn's, but I could do without another. 

Feeding the Baby Goats.

Sleepy Piggy - Also Smelly

Tractor Time

The Pumpkin that I'm sure everyone poses by because no one can pick it up to buy it!
 Here's my tips on having a great, inexpensive time:
  1. Go during the week, less crowded and your kids can run around a little bit more because there is more space. 
  2. Bring quarters - I forgot, thanks Meredith - to feed the animals.  Not the quarters, but put them in the machines for food.  Meredith even thought to bring a cup to put the feed in so that little hands didn't have to hold it all - or maybe so Meredith didn't have to hold it all.
  3. Give yourself at least an hours time to see all the animals, walk around, eat lunch and shop around. 
  4. Pack a lunch or buy lunch at the stand.
  5. Stop in the store and buy a little bit of goodies - they are good!  They have baked goods, healthy garden items, or course apples, cider, jellies and lots of other things I don't know what to do with.

If you haven't read my previous posts on how to have a fabulous, affordable adventure at Milburn's, check it out here

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