Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Free Cookie at Subway

Man, I feel like I'm on a roll today...

Subway is my new fave place to grab something healthy and quick and so here's an easy freebie...

On the back of the receipt it advertises to "take our one minute survey at tellsubway.com and receive your reward".  The reward is a free cookie (that's not healthy, but Little G loves her some cookies).  They email you your validation code and then you just return with your receipt with the code written on it and get a free cookie.  You do however have to get the free cookie at the place where you were served.

Here's another thing I noticed at Subways... kid's meal prices vary a lot from place to place:
  • Subway at Walmart in North East - $4.00
  • Subway at Christiana Mall - $3.75
  • Subway at King of Prussia Mall - $5.00
What's up with that Subway!!!???

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