Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Iced Tea, Cheap Handsoap and $.39/lb bananas at Martins

Did a little Martins shopping today with Little G and here are some of our finds:

Gold Peak Iced Tea Single serve size- $1.00
Use $1.00 off coupon here - Make sure to go back and print 2 (thats the most each computer can print, so if you have more than one computer, print away)
FREE - You will find these in the back by the carry out area in the cooler

Eggland's Best Eggs - $2.29 - Regular price
Use $.55 coupon from 10/2SS - doubles to $1.10
Use Martins e-coupon for $.60
Pay $.59 for a dozen eggs - better than I previously thought!!!

2 Ideas for the Martins/Careone coupon that I mentioned here:
Careone Handsoap - $1.00
Use the $.50 off any Careone item from the coupon machine
Pay $.50
Careone Cottonballs - $.99
Use the $.50 off any Careone item from the coupon machine
Pay $.49

Also, I was buying some fruit and went to check the price of bananas.  They are $.59/lb but I noticed off to the left, there were bags filled with random bananas and they were only $.39/lb.  That's a good price for bananas in my opinion.  They were a little more ripe, but if you use them within a couple of days or to cook, there perfect.  Don't forget to use your $.50 off a $6.00 produce purchase martins coupon from the coupon machine.

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