Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grocery Store Match Ups Week of 10/2/11

Here are sites on where to find the best deals on grocery stores in the county:
  • Martins - Thanks Livingrichwithcoupons - This states that it is for Stop and Shop but Stop and Shop, Giant and Martins are all owned by the same company and she does an excellent job.  There are a few good deals to be had at Martins this week, check back tomorrow for my Martins Monday Update.
  • ACME - Thanks FamilyFrugalFun. Oh are there deals to run to ACME for this week, cereal, tea, baking products, snacks... mostly cereal - which I needed last week.  I'll post more later, definitely take advantage of the General Mills Cereal Deal.
  • Food Lion - Thanks afrugalchick. Is it me or does Food Lion never really have any great deals???
  • Redners - Thanks forthemommas.  Not really feeling Redners either.  Although they do have a $10 off $50 purchase coupon on the front of the sales flyer, but it has to be after coupons.  Boo.
Coupon policy's vary widely from place to place and from state to state.  Make sure you know what your store's policy is and keep a copy of it with you if you can find a printable version of it.

Check back to see the deals on 'What are we buying this week?'

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