Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slow day here....

So Baby G hasn't been feeling her normal self the last few days, so that has been my priority over my dear blog, but here are a few things I've noticed going on around town...

1.  Martins (in my opinion) is having a slow week, however, my friend Allison discovered that they have a deal where if you buy any Rotisserie Chicken, you can get a Giant Mashed Potatoes and a 2 liter of Coke for FREE.  Not bad it you are in a rut and can't figure out what to make for dinner.  Now all you need is some veggies or something. 

2.  Also at Martins, make sure you get your coupons from the coupon machine.  This week the coupons are:
  • Save .50 on your next purchase of $7 or more from our deli department (NOT HARD TO DO)
  • Save .50 on your next purchase of $6 or more from our floral department
  • Save .50 on your next purchase of any greeting card (pick up a .99 cent card, then it's only .49cents)
  • Save .50 on your next purchase of $6 or more from our produce department (That's a good Coupon)
3.  The Elkton Fall Festival is going on this Friday and Saturday in Elkton.  Click here for more information.  It looks like most of the entertainment is going on Saturday.

4.  Do you ship things often?  Use Priority Mail (it is fits what your shipping) and pay for postage online.  Did you know you can save .50 on shipping if you pay for it online.  Plus, the mail man will pick it up for you from your front porch.  Just a thought.  I know .50 isn't all that much, but if you have kids, going to the post office isn't that easy sometimes.  DRIVE THRU POST OFFICE - sounds like a fabulous idea.

5.  Here are some new Blockbuster Express Codes good through September 18th.  Love free movies.

Baby G, Feeling Better last weekend at the Brandywine Zoo

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