Monday, September 12, 2011

Gift Card Deal for ACME - Free $10 ACME Gift Card

Here's a good deal running at ACME this week through Thursday 9/17:

Purchase $100.00 in gift cards (excluding MasterCard, American Express and ACME) get a $10 gift card for ACME.  So here's some ideas for you to make $10 extra for your grocery bill...

1.  Get a Gas gift card to somewhere you can buy gas.  You're gonna get gas anyways right?  FREE MONEY FOR GROCERIES.

2.  Get a gift card for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, wedding showers, etc.  You gotta buy them anyways right?  FREE MONEY FOR GROCERIES.

3.  Get a gift card for like Lowe's or Home Depot for home improvement stuff.  You know you'll use it when something breaks or you build something.  FREE MONEY FOR GROCERIES. 

4.  Get a gift card to a restaurant (It's like money, so you can use a coupon with it).  Double Whammy!!! FREE MONEY FOR GROCERIES.

Now here's a few extra tips:  you have to buy $100.00 worth, so mix and match and get a couple different ones.  Just make sure they are included.  Buy them in Delaware, and then you don't have to pay sales tax.  (Am I allowed to say that?) Oh wait, I don't know if you pay sales tax on gift cards or if it is already included... whatever you do, you will get FREE MONEY FOR GROCERIES.

If you want more information, it is on the front cover of the sales add, or you can view it online here.  Do you have any other good ideas?

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