Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday's at the Mall... 9/22 edition

I was really excited to head out to the Mall today for several reasons...

  • It was so nice to catch up and see my dear friend Meredith and her daughter.  Baby G just loves playing and seeing her every week.  We did story time as usual and then off to lunch in the food court.  Oh, any she brought me a bunch of coupons... love her.
  • I had a coupon from Auntie Anne's for a free pretzel when you buy pretzel nuggets.  So yummy pretzels were for lunch today.  Mr. B will have a nice surprise when he wakes up to his free pretzel.
  • Free Ice Cream at Carvel....However, that didn't work out as planned.  The Carvel and Cinnabon are connected and the lady had no idea what I was referring to.  I think I surprised her that she even sold ice cream. So no free ice cream, but I did mention something on Carvel's facebook page just to let others know not to waste their time and Carvel replied that they would send me a coupon instead.  - SO FREE ICE CREAM AFTER ALL.  
  • After lunch we let the girls actually walk around the mall, it took forever and baby G ducked into every store. Back in the strollers they went.  
  • I ran into Banana Republic.  They were having a sale.  Such nice clothes, but nothing popped out at me. 
  • Stopped in Sephora for my free birthday gift - check out the picture below. (Happy Birthday Beautiful Vanilla Birthday Cake shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath) I'll talk more about birthday freebies in the next week or so, look for it to find out how you can get fun birthday freebies. 
  • 2nd to last stop - Aveda, for two free samples (Hand Relief and Damage Remedy) I talked about here and here. (Thanks KCL) Super fun.  
  • Off to the play area for baby G to run off some steam and then last stop Target.  I didn't really find any awesome deals, I was looking to take advantage of my $5.00 off Merona pants coupon, but didn't find anything worth purchasing (or getting for free). 
Love my Thursdays at the Mall.

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