Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Residential Trash Service Prices in Cecil County


For the past year or so, my family has been using the dump less than 3 minutes from our house for trash service.  The only catch is you have to get it there.  No biggy, we have a truck, but it has become a nuisance for my husband.  At only $5.00 a trip, it was the best deal out there and we lived so close, but the time has come to sign up for residential trash service.  So I did a little research and took some recommendations from friends off of Facebook and here is the information that I came up:

Click Here to see my google docs spreadsheet with all of the breakdown on pricing.

It looks like Signature Waste Service is the least expensive AND the only trash company to offer weekly recyclable pick up as well and on the same day.  Only $26.50 per month.  It's not a better deal than the dump, but you are paying for convenience and this is convenient. 

I know some of you have more expensive trash service, it might pay off to call and see if they can match Signature's price.  The worst they will say is No, which we've all heard before.

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