Monday, July 30, 2012

Our first canning experience...

So the hubby and I decided to take a new challenge and try canning out.... My mom gave us a few canning magazines, we watched some videos, gathered our supplies and decided we were ready for SALSA...

The garden had a plethora of tomatoes, peppers and onions.  We gathered all of the garden items.

And then made a trip to Walmart to purchase the lids/supplies we needed.

Got our recipe and started boiling, cooking, boiling cutting, pealing, crying, stirring
and heating for the next hour.

We did everything and let the jars sit over night hoping that the seals would
seal like the video said they would, or we'd have a lot of salsa to start eating... 

Then, I found these cute labels and printed them out on full
sheet sticker paper and put them on the jars.

Wah lah....It really wasn't all that bad, just time consuming and a lot of cutting. 
It is a great use of food that we had growing in our yard and needed to use.
P.S.  For all my Weight Watcher friends - SALSA is 0 points...

Our next adventure is Pears.  Anyone have a great Pear canning recipe?


  1. This looks really good Kristen. I had someone give me tomato soup they had canned and we had it this past fall. It was really good. Something nice and warm to have on those chilly fall days:)

  2. Thanks Kristin. It really was quite fun.