Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Know You Shop Online

I know you shop online, but are you aware that you can actually get paid to shop online like you normally would? 

I learned about late last year and was skeptic at first, but realized that it is as easy as it says.  To earn money, all you have to do is go to Ebates and shop through their website.  For example, if you are going to purchase something at Land's End, you would search for Land's End and then a new browser window would open up and you would finish shopping as you normally would. Currently they are giving 6% back for Land's End.  If there are any coupon codes to use, they will also list those for you as well.  Ebates then keeps track of your spending and once you accrue at least $5.00 each quarter, they mail you a check.  They are even giving away gift cards to Barnes and Noble, Target, Home Depot, and Ebates just for joining and shopping.  It's awesome, I've gotten 2 checks since I started.

So, if you shop online, why not get paid to do it?  If you're interested, check it out through this link and I will earn a bonus for you shopping.  Thanks in advance. 

Top 24 Stores 15.0% Cash Back!

Macy's 3.0% Cash Back!

Target 3.0% Cash Back!

Sephora 8.0% Cash Back! 2.5% Cash Back!

Kmart 4.0% Cash Back!

QVC 3.5% Cash Back! 8.0% Cash Back!

Walmart 2.0% Cash Back!

Barnes & 6.0% Cash Back! 4.0% Cash Back!

Groupon 3.0% Cash Back!
Kohl's 4.0% Cash Back!

JCPenney 6.0% Cash Back!

Old Navy 2.0% Cash Back!

J.Crew 4.0% Cash Back!

Priceline 1.0%-4.5% Cash Back!

Lands' End 6.0% Cash Back!

Toys R Us 1.0% Cash Back!

Kodak Gallery 7.5% Cash Back!

Nordstrom 5.0% Cash Back!

Gap 2.0% Cash Back!

Lowe's 2.5% Cash Back!

Office Depot 1.0% Cash Back!

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