Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grocery Store Match Ups... week of 11/27

Here are sites on where to find the best deals at grocery stores in the county:
  • Martins - Thanks Livingrichwithcoupons - This states that it is for Stop and Shop but Stop and Shop, Giant and Martins are all owned by the same company and she does an excellent job.    Looks like a disappointing week at Martins.. if I find anything worth mentioning I'll let you know.
  • ACME - Thanks Livingrichwithcoupons - Nothing really exciting at ACME either.
  • Food Lion - Thanks afrugalchick.  This weeks deal match ups aren't up yet, but the link is ready for whenever AFrugalChick gets around to it.  Maybe it will be worth the wait????
  • Redners - Thanks forthemommas.  This site is having a mix up with the links, but this link should work once she straightens it out....

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