Monday, February 6, 2012

$30 Challenge- Week 7

Confession:  I've been really busy this week and kind of lost track of my spending.  Here is what I do know.  I started the week with $30.00 cash, and I don't have any left.  So I used it all, but I'm not sure I can capture exactly what on though... 

Here's what I do know I spent during week 6:
  • CVS -  $15.53
  • Target - I know I went there and can't find the receipt
  • Border Cafe - not sure what the total was...
Total:   $30.00

Even though I'm not sure what I spent my money on, I did manage to stay within my budget.  I think I may have even gotten Mr. I Dream of Saving on board as well. 
At least for one week anyways...  

Insight into Week 7:
  • Track better this week.
  • Keep on Menu Planning (I think that is really working out well)
  • Make meals from items at the house (except the deer meat)
  • Once again, Grocery Stores look boring - Cha Ching, money saved 
Just joining me, check out my $30 Challenge Page and see how I've been doing.

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