Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Shopping with the Bestie...

I had an awesome day today shopping for deals with my Bestie who broke her foot and needed some help shopping and getting around. 

I spent $14.50 for all of this!!!
Milk, Cereal, Fruit Snacks, Light Bulbs, Candy, Gum,
Snack Bars, Diapers, Hair Products
ACME was having some great deals that I would go into detail about but they all end today, so hopefully next week I'll have something to share that you can all go out and grab too. $7.73

Walgreens had an amazing deal on Hair Products and Huggies - $5.89

Rite Aid had free light bulbs and Easter candy, I just paid tax - $.64

Got my free Diet Coke from MyCokeRewards that I posted about here at Walmart for only tax- $.24

I also had a great coupon for lunch for those darn delicious Chicken Bites from McDonald's - $5.29

I might make a run to Shop Rite before the week is over, but so far I'm only over my $30 Challenge by $3.67.  McDonald's....

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