Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cash for Cans... getting paid for drinking all these Diet Cokes

I finally filled my trash bag full of soda cans thanks to my obsession with Diet Coke and took them to the recycling center to cash in...

Yep, that's right... $5.20.  Cha Ching!!!

I'm sure there are several places across the county that pay for cans, I went to Elkton Recycling on Dogwood Road in Elkton.  At first glance it seems like you are at a junk yard and that the clientele can look a little rough (old pick ups filled with scrap metal).  It doesn't take long and before you know it, YOU GET MONEY FOR YOUR HARD WORK DRINKING SODA (or whatever canned beverage you drink).

The employees are nice, they have been working hard to clean it up and make the place look better and they pay me money for drinking Diet Coke - can't beat it!

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