Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rewards R US Super Saver Passes????

So, here is my feedback on Toys R Us/Babies R Us's new program Super Saver Passes...

Super Savers Pass

Super Savers PassPersonally, I don't believe that Toys R Us or Babies R Us have amazing prices or great deals without the use of a 20% off or some sort of coupon combined with a sale.  Don't get me wrong, I've gotten many deals there and have used lots of items from both stores for Lady G with lots of success, but in order for me to run 30 minutes to the nearest store, it has to be some amazing sales. 

Super Savers Pass
Back to the topic at hand, after Christmas the chain store created the Super Saver Passes for "loyal customers" (this could be for everyone as far as I know).  The first set of 3 coupons were distributed in February and then 3 more this March.  These coupons are very specific and only for certain items, I've pasted them through out the post.  I'm not impressed and think that Loyal Customers deserve more.

I'm hoping that maybe next month, this Super Saver Passes Program will hand out some coupons worth using.

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