Wednesday, December 21, 2011

90% off - $25.00 gift certificates for $1.00 - WOW is offering 90% off gift certificates... making a $25.00 gift certificate only $1.00.

AND... if you go through Ebates, you can score an additional 30% off.  So now, that $25 gift certificate only costs $.70.... say what???? 

Here's what I'm thinking... AMAZING CHRISTMAS GIFTS.....

Find a restaurant near where your recipient lives and pick out a nice place for them to try and at such a great discount.  My parents (who I can safely say will not read this) live in PA, so I picked out a couple for them for Christmas. 
Who do you still need a gift for?  Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Kids, Grandparents, In-Laws...
There is something for everyone.  
Also, I think I figured out something great... Bucks in Rising Sun, MD, has an amazing breakfast buffet on Sundays, however if you purchase the $25 gift certificate, you can't use it on the breakfast buffet.  But if you get the $10 gift certificate YOU CAN; and it is only $.50 - Sweet!
To take advantage of this deal, click on the link below and start shopping.  Use the promo code JOY to get the discount. Weekly Promo Offer 600 X 400

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