Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursdays at the Mall... 12/29 edition

Wow, so it has been quite some time since I've posted about my mall trips.  It wasn't because I wasn't going, because I was (up until last week), Lady G loves her Story Time at Barnes and Nobles... I just didn't think to get it done.... So now that Christmas is over and some of the craziness is done, hopefully I can help someone out who is going to the Mall.

My friend Allison told me that the Mall was packed on Wednesday and that she only braved Target, but I had a few returns to do and thought it might be better today.  As soon as I pulled up to the light that over looks the mall (where the crazy construction never ends) I immediately was second guessing myself.  The parking lot was crazy crowded and people were everywhere. I guess it doesn't help that school is out as well.  I convinced myself to drive around to Target and at least take a look, at this point, Lady G was super excited about going to the playground and I didn't want to let her down :(.  Luck was on my side.  I found a relatively close parking spot at Target, got all of my things in the stroller... convinced Lady G that if she let me do some quick returns (no shopping) and I gave her some M & M's to keep her busy she could go play. It worked....
  • No Line at Target Customer Service
  • Stopped in Michael Kor's to look for something for my mother (trust me, not in my $30 budget)
  • Really short line at Ann Taylor
  • Really short line at Macy's
30 minutes and a trip to the potty later, G is at the playground which had also settled down since our first passing.  Anyways, here are somethings I thought I'd pass along:
  • Non-refrigerated Meats and Cheeses (my friend always says this) at Hickory Farms were 75% off.  Lots of people waiting in line for their meat sticks...
  • Tomorrow, Victoria Secrets is giving away a free pair of panties with any purchase.  Click here for their facebook page, more information and coupon - Thanks, Hip2Save
  • Target had their Christmas Items marked down to 50%.  I was hoping for 75%, maybe by the weekend. 
  • Don't forget if you haven't picked up your free piece of chocolate from Godiva this month, you only have 2 more days...
  • The Christiana Mall website has tons of info and coupons as well... click here for more information. (Build a Bear, Aeropostale, The Body Shop, etc)
  • If you got a Mall Gift Card for the holidays, be sure to go here and see if you won an instant prize.
OK, that's all for now... enough rambling... happy Thursday!

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