Saturday, December 31, 2011

Host a House Party...

I know several of you have been to one or both of my House Party's but I wanted to share with everyone how you can get in on the fun too...

House Party is a company that promotes products (new, up and coming, etc) by having you share with your friends in your home.  I've had 2 house parties (Gerber and Artisan Flat breads) and they have been really wonderful. 

House Party sends you freebies, coupons, fun games, party materials and anything else that you will need to host a party that will publicize the product. For more information on how it works, click here
All you have to do is apply for the party that you are interested in hosting and they will review your application to see if you are a match for what they are looking for.  You won't get selected for every party, but it doesn't take too long to apply and it is totally worth it.  Over the last 2 years, I've applied for 9 and gotten to host 2.  Right now they are accepting applications for:


Anyways, I just thought I would pass this fun site along to my followers and hope that you can get in on the fun and enjoy trying out new products for FREE!  Check out my House Party Page to look at some of the free stuff I got with both of my parties. 

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